Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Energy Security / Seguridad Energética

Early in the morning, I heard in the news about the approval of the new Energy Plan by the German government, that extend the lifetime of the nuclear reactors, reversing a decision of the previous government (a coalicion of a centre-left party and a green party).

Even previous opinion polls suggest that sixty percent of the Germans want nuclear reactor close, the five ministers cabinet, from the upper house of parliment, said that nuclear is a "bridging technology" for a greener future.

The past government had decided to shut down the Germany's nuclear plants by 2021, but now, under the new plan, reactors from nuclear power stations will have an average of 12 years of function.

What is admirable, is the vision of the German government to implement a policy of long term on energy, even if the main motive is from the economic type, they want to raise the share of renewable energy sources in power generation from the current 16% to 80% by 2050.

Is the Mexican government doing the same???

What is the cause of the anti-nuclear feeling among the Germans???

Is the greener future posible??? <--- talking about the hole Earth

Hoy por la mañana, escuchaba en las noticias acerca de la decisión del gobierno alemán de aprobar un nuevo Plan de Energía, que extiende el tiempo de vida de los reactores nucleares en suelo alemán, revirtiendo así, la decisión del gobierno anterior (una coalición entre un partido centro izquierdísta y un partido verde).
Aunque encuestas de opinión pública demuestran que 6 de cada 10 alemanes prefieren cerrar las plantas nucleares, el cabinete de 5 ministros de la cámara alta del parlamento alemán, expresó que la energía nuclear es un "puente tecnológico" a un futuro más verde.
El gobierno anterior había decidido cerrar las plantas de energía nuclear alemanas para 2021, pero ahora, con el nuevo plan, los reactores de las estaciones de energía nuclear tendrán un tiempo de vida promedio de 12 años.
Es realmente admirable la visión del gobierno alemán de implementar una política energética a largo plazo, inclusive si la razón principal sea del tipo económica, ellos buscan elevar el porcentaje de las energías renovables sobre el total de las energías empleadas de un 16 al 80% para el 2050.
Estará el gobierno mexicano haciendo algo similar?
Cuáles serán las causas del sentimiento antinuclear de los alemanes?
Es un futuro más verde realmente posible para la Tierra?
Emilio Nafarrate Rivera

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Arsenic in Comarca Lagunera's water

It's hard to belive, but yesterday in a coffee discussion whit some friends, I discovered that even whit all the media reports, a large section of the population is unaware of the problem of arsenic contamination of water in the Comarca Lagunera.

As a student and training-environmentalist, I invite you to talk about environmental topics (whit very objectives points of view, never exaggerating or liying about the stats) whit your family and friends, whit the aim of "wake up" the general interest and the concern about our regional environment future.

I would like to congratulate to the Dr Celso Manuel Valencia for his publication on the editorial section of El Siglo de Torreón, entitled: Encrucijadas y remediación: el arsénico en el agua de la Comarca Lagunera, published in September 8th. You can read it in the online-version in:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Welcome back!

It is good to have both Judith, Sol and Viry with us after seven months and seventeen days at the University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA with Dr K.C. Das. They arrived on 31th August 2010.
Best wishes to all of them.