Sunday, December 26, 2010

Talking about communication...

The language, in any form, is the way in which humans beings have learned to communicate our own ideas to others... even the English has become one of the most used language in all over the world, first because of the british imperialism and after because the economic and technologic advaces of US and UK, pero hay muchísimo más que el inglés, prueba de eso son los iberoamericanos laureados con el Nobel en Literatura, las óperas italianas, la música clásica francésa, en fin, infinidad de representaciones de los seres humanos (científicas, culturales, tecnológicas, sociales, ...) en diferentes idiomas, que en lo particular no menciono por ignorancia.

Anyone believe that the mankind progress would improve the ability to communicate, however, sometimes I belive that that's the opposite, I like to cher this short BBC note(in spanish)about how a simple dispute could kill one language:

So, if u want to say anything in any language... be our guest ...


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Celebrate good times come on (8) tu ru ru run run tun tun tun

Yesterday we celebrated the graduation of 4 members of our group Biorem.

Indeed finishing our coursework is something to rejoice for. Many are unable to complete, many can’t withstand the hardship and stress of a degree. However our comrades showed and proved their courage by always giving exceeding efforts.

It is scary to go out of the veil in which the academic environment keeps you safe. The commitment, the tough challenges that come next may be more difficult than anything we have faced, but fear not because we are prepared and ready for them.

You have proved your mettle by obtaining the top three grade scores of this generation. Be glad on your first step to the professional world. Or like Obi wan said “you have taken a step to a wider world”.

Congratulations, and Viel Glück.