Friday, June 27, 2014

Felicidades Omar!

Congratulations to Inty Omar for his successfully defense of his thesis work with honors, today June 27th 2014. He did an excellent work at his presentacion and at answering the questions from his examiners. Thank you for your guidance, advices and support throughout your time in the lab!

Our thanks go also to Dr. David Huber, Professor, Department of Biology, West Virginia State University, Institute, WV, USA for his guidance and support as one of the directors of Omar’s thesis. We hope that Omar's work will form the base for more future works and ideas about biodigesters management.

Gracias y muchas felicidades, Omar! :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Best wishes Inty Omar & Jesus

Our best wishes to Inty Omar Hernandez De Lira & Jesus Jimenez Ascencio for their trip today to participate and present their work on “Dynamics of bacterial & archaeal communities of a performing and non-performing lagoon type biodigesters at Comarca Lagunera, Mexico” (Oral presentation by Inty Omar) & “Correlation between fluorescence intensity & methane production by a mixed methanogenic cultures at different growth phase & different culture conditions” (Poster presentation by Jesus) at the 2nd International Conference on Biogas Microbiology to be held at Uppsala, Sweden.
We are sure that they will do their best and on return will share their learnings and experiences to our team. I am sure their participation will motivate us to do much more things.
We, Biorem lab gratefully acknowledge Our University, Presidencia-Torreon, COECYT, Presidencia-Gomez Palacio and Government of Durango, Government of Tabasco for making possible this trip of Inty Omar and Jesus. Further, we also acknowledge the help of Karla, Daniela, Leslie, Gaby, Thalia, Denise, Hector & Karla's friend in helping withour activities to raise funds for this trip.