Monday, October 27, 2008

A rather nice looking picture ::: Una foto mas bien chida

At work, waiting for the hour to get out of there, I discovered this picture that I saw nice. The important point is to support Argelia about Batopilas where is one of the biodigesters of La Laguna; don't forget that there's also biodigesters in San Rafael and some farms in Gomez Palacio like Los Olivos, which we have visited.

Well, just enjoy the image I found


En el trabajo, esperando la hora de salir de ahí, descubrí esta foto que me pareció bonita. Lo importante de esto es apoyar a Argelia en lo de Batopilas donde esta uno de los biodigestores de La Laguna; no olviden que también hay biodigestores en San Rafael y en otras granjas de Gomez Palacio como en Los Olivos, las cuales hemos visitado.

Bueno solo disfruten a imagen que encontré.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Methanogen cartoon

I prepared this video with some help of my brother

You will find it also in this link

Best wishes to everybody


As a part of the TIES program between the University of Georgia and Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila in Mexico, we went to the Fowler Drive Elementary School to present a Powerpoint and experimental demonstration about How important Bioenergy is, make conscience on children and what we're doing to improve our environment by saving Methane emissions and animal waste management. 4th and 5th grade students attended this presentation, they were very excited when we selected a couple of students to prepare a biodigester with cow manure, we were very excited too because they were very interested making questions about Bioenergy, cow manure and enviromental care.
Here is a link to the review on the webpage of the Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program at the University of Georgia:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Great participation on the First Meeting of Students for Science Expression

Aimed on encourage the expression of scientific research done by students on areas of Natural Science at the Universidad Autònoma de Coahuila, its going to take place  the First Meeting of Students for Sciene Expression

Thanks to the interest of the students of this university, we have received 30 presentations, 12 posters and 15 experiments designs to present on October 16 & 17.

Marco Antonio Taméz Ceballos, coordinator of Saltillo Campus said imagethat the participants comes from the high schools on Saltillo Campus, as well as from faculties of Dentistry, Medicine,  Nursery, Psychology, Physic-Mathematics Science, Chemical Science,Social work and from the School of Biological Science from Torreòn.


The coordinator highlighted that the woks are original and un published, and were evaluated for a committee on each school or faculty participating.

The publication of the works will be on the magazine of this university "CienciaAcierta" of the General Coordination of Graduate School and Research.

This event is arranged by the direction of academics affairs, the General Coordination of Graduate School and Research on Saltillo Campus and Outreach, and the academy of Natural Science.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

AbOuT BaToPiLas CoAhUiLA!!!

I spent this evening looking for the location of Batopilas, and at the end of the day I realized that I've always knew it. But well, that's not the important thing about  I wanna talk. What really matters is why I feel very interested about Batopilas.

So this is the happy story :)

Batopilas is a little town located in Francisco I. Madero in Coahuila. This is the first farming community in Mexico to develop energy from cow manure. This is possible by anaerobic digestion of cow manure through biodigesters. An engine burns methane and release CO2 and the energy is transformed in to electricity for the community. There is less negative impact to environment due to this effort by this community.

Because of this technology Batopilas habitants have saved 94 000 pesos on CFE bill!!!. Other advantages are potential production of organic fertilizers and clean water.

I found this very interesting because it is related with we are doing. I also think we must take a venture and go on excursion as sooner as we can to Batopilas in order to get a full idea about how this little town works.

So now I wonder what could happen if every house in Torreon have adapted a biodigestor? mmm interesting.... :)

We must feel proud for having these witty minds in Coahuila, which are trying to implement sustainable development strategies in our region. We also can accomplish many things by collaborating in the struggle to have a better world.

HaVe a Happy Week !!!!

This is the exact location of Batopilas.. we don´t need to search more :)