Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A 25 años de Chernobyl...

Sí, hoy 26 de Abril de 2011, el mundo conmemora el 25 aniversario del desastre nuclear de Chernobyl, y de qué manera... a más de un mes del terremoto y tsunami que debastó una parte de la costa norte de Japón, la crisis nuclear en el país nipón no ha terminado...

Quisiera mandarle a motivo de las discusiones que hemos tenido en cuanto a los progrados un artículo de Science que ví hace ya casi un mes, sobre los efectos de la tragedia en los centros de investigación japonesa:


Y terminar con una pregunta para que me dejen su opinión:

Definitivamente no es 100% segura la energía nuclear, esta sujeta al manejo de los humanos y todos cometemos errores (Chernobyl), añadiendo la fuerza de la naturaleza (Fukushima), el mundo debería cerrar inmediatamente todo programa relacionado con la producción de energía eléctrica en centrales nucleares?

Por cierto, si creen que hemos estado excentos de los problemas que ocasionó Chernobyl y los que ocasionarán Fukushima, chequen esto:


Monday, April 25, 2011

Continuing PhD

Today in Nature, a good article came out to continue our discussion.

Many points are discussed, along with the different problems and perspectives of a growing supply of PhDs.

What i can deduce from this article, is that an ever-growing PhD supply is not a problem in a country whose industry and academia increase exponentially, such is the case for China. India is even described as lacking PhDs in accordance to its growth, with only 1% of undergraduates continuing up to Doctorate studies.
It seems that developed countries are the only ones who face this over supply of doctorates. Therefore germany has shifted the concept of PhD to be a training degree. However i agree with the statement of Dr. Ng "I see a PhD not just as the mastery of a discipline, but also training of the mind,".

Another noticible fact is that the goverments and private sectors play with the decision of increasing and decreasing PhDs as if it was a game.

I was surprised by some quantities... I didn't know that one third of PhDs in the USA never finish at all.

Well lets see how this discussion goes... on a side note that is not related to this i leave you a song that i just heard and really liked

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Simpsons were right?

First check the video:

I never had a doubt about my future or the decision I took (profesionally speaking), and I won't start, but this is a really interesting article of Nature about the PhD system, I think that maybe doctoral programmes need to adecuate to the new circunstances of global community, and maybe there's many PhD programmes that need to be closed, but in the other hand there's a lack of research and resources to do it, in many other areas. I let you the link and hope to ear your comments:


Friday, April 15, 2011

Montse, V R PROUD OF U

El día Miércoles 13 de Abril, nuestra compañera M. Montserrat Atilano Camino, presentó su exámen profesional, el cual le otorgó el grado de Ingeniera Bioquímica, aparte de felicitarla por este logro, cabe mencionar que la defensa de su tesis le hizo merecer MENCIÓN HONORÍFICA.

Todos en BIOREM le deseamos lo mejor Montse, muchísimas felicidades.

Exámen Profesional APROBADO

Queremos felicitar a la Miss Agustina Ramírez Moreno, ya que el pasado Jueves 7 de Abril aprobó su exámen profesional, el cual le otorga el grado de Maestra en Ciencias, por parte de la Universidad Juarez del Estado de Durango.

La maestra realizó su proyecto de tesis - aislamiento y evaluación de cepas bacterianas amilolíticas en la Comarca Lagunera - en el Laboratorio de Bioremediación

Muchas felicidades AGUS¡¡¡

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How often do you look at the sky?

Some days ago, our Colombian friend, Andrea, take some pictures of the Torreon's sunset, personally, I rarely look at the sky, Why? I don't know, but some (not too many) years ago, when I was a boy-scout, I used to spend hours looking the stars when we were on camping...

It seems to be an special link between the mankind and the stars (the Universe), how the old cultures have such strong relation whit them, food, architecture and religion were influenciated by that shiny things in the sky.

How many books, poems, poetry and others have not been written when people were amazed by the vastness of space... ???

All we know the famous quote of Albert Einstein, Two things are infinite: the universe and the human stupidity...

Today mankind celebrates a milestone in their history, the first human space flight. In a way, 50 years have passed since Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes a legend; yes, hard to believe, but there's only 50 years of difference between that first spaceflight and the current NASA´s proyects are oriented first to trying to find extraterrestrial life, in a way to explain life on Earth; and in the other hand, looking for a possible candidate for a new home or resource. Last week Houston received the first pictures of Mercury taken from orbit after 6 years of MESSENGER's space travel and one month ago NASA discover six new planets candidates to support life on it.

Well, I'll try to remember to look at the stars, first never stop of get amazed things in life and never stop to think that I can achieve my goals.