Thursday, February 28, 2008

Athens, GA

Hi! every one !

I wish yall are doing Ok!

Im writing you to let yall know, whats going on here in Driftmier Engineering Center in UGA Athens.

Well first im going o tell you about the city, Athens is a very small city, and most of the people live because of the UGA. Its a very forest place, and has a few places to go shopping (which i haven seen them). Downtown is just a few blocks away, you can find most Bars and Restaurants, and it is the must beautiful place in town. It starts at the North end of the Campus, where is a entrance to it by an Arch, the one that you always see in representative pictures from Athens and UGA.

Here you always will see college students!, so that, we are in the right place according to our age. So far we have met a few students here in UGA, all though LACSI (Latin American & Caribbean Studies Institute).

About Driftmier Engg Center, it is one of the last Engg Centers in UGA, all the other have been moved to Atlanta, to Georgia Tech. Its a relative small building at the South of Campus near to Veterinary School and Plant Science.

To get here we have to take the 12 Route Bus coming right from our apartments, University Apartments in Riverbend pkwy.

In this Center you can find people working on Fermentation to produce value added products, more people work on Pyrolisis, and the most exciting for us, people work with algae to remediate water and extract oil form the biomass produced, we met Dr. Senthil, he has two students woking in that project Ryan Hunt and Andrew, both are very nice persons. The Algae poject is inside the Biorefining & Carbon Cycling Program, and here is an perspective about the use of algae as a renewable source of energy,

to be contiuned ...
P.S. We miss you all


Anonymous said...

Hello. I also study in Biologicas. Many congratulations by this work, are interesting.


Anonymous said...

A time ago my group had the idea to create a campaign of recycling in the school, where the group that manages to accumulate more things is awarded somehow... we thought that this activity could comprise of some of the events that the school makes annually.

Im student in CB.