Saturday, May 31, 2008

teacher´s day

hello everybody this picture is about the may fifteen that in mexico we celebrate the teachers, for the students is an important day because we thanks to this people that help us to have a new knowlege and improve ourselves. For this reason we organized a party in Nagamany´s house and passed a good time. was so fun because lee and susan cooked and we kept a good conversation.

thanks dr Nagamany you are an excellent teacher and patient with your students,we really apreciate all that you do for us


Natalia said...

Susan cooking?? thats a really big surprise!!! thats cool .. so what do they cooked?
you all look very happy in the photo thats nice.. hii to everyone :) have fun ..see u in a bit

Ulises Triana said...

Im so sad that i miss that!
It seems that you had a Great time!

Im soo hungry of food made with love, hahahhaa. i tasted the difference realy bad.

Hello to Everybody!