Monday, April 6, 2009

Fascination with colors

I´m reading a paper involving some experiments with fluorescence for one of my classes at the moment. While surfing on the internet for some more information I came across this image. It doesn´t look like a very good drawing, but the interesting part about it is that was done by plating fluorescent bacterias. This art plated on petri dish was created in Dr. Tsien laboratory.

Dr. Roger Tsien revolutionized the fields of cell biology and neurobiology by allowing scientists to peer inside living cells and watch the behavior of molecules in real time. In 1990 he borrowed from jellyfish a protein that glows green. He reeingineered that protein to expand the palete of colours, and over the years he expanded even more by taking glowing proteins from corals too. This proteins can be tagged to genes or proteins that want to be monitored, making from something invisible a bright sight for scientist. 


naga said...

Flourescent markers are interesting concept. We use them in our identification of methanogens too. But this fluorescence is on exposure to UV light and is not engineered. hope someone will write of the factors which contribute fluorescent property to methanogens

Cheve said...

Esta chido