Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Science and life

Studying, listening, reading, talking and researching are some of the ways we could acces into science. But why science is so though I wonder myself?

To be in science the person need to understand the different variables that could affect just a particular area of knowledge, and that person must link all that knowledge even with his own ideas to make his own way of thinking. That's one of the hardest skills people should develop. Science is though due to it is made to try to explain rationally every single aspect of life withthin the possibilities of the times. Others ways to explain phenomenons barely explain detaily the reasons and often those explanations fall in unequivocal answers on which is better to believe than grasp it completely.

We don't know until now, if it is the best way to generate knowledge, but it has been the most adequate till nowadays. Hence others could say that science has commited mistakes before, but don't forget science is only the knowledge as it is,as it's been created for our discovering; and scientists, humans, are the direct responsibles of executing the practical usages.

Eventhough mankind is, and we are going to be forever, feeling entities and we'll be uneable to explain rationally all we can feel, love, hate... all we can see, and that's (I think) god's businesses.

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naga said...

science is a thing of humans. but that does not mean that that all things that are done by humans are wrong. as in life, where contentment and discontent are like the two sides of a coin, science can resolve or sow more seeds of doubt. as JK says (I think original idea is from Buddha), to be free from the ache of discontent, the mind must cease to seek contentment. similarly in science one has to accept the human bias in order to see the contribution of science for human evolution.