Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Investigation Forum was performed!

On March 25th, the Second Regional Meeting of Investigators and First Meeting of Young Student Researchers was held. It was organized by the Community of Higher Education Institutions of Laguna (CIESLAG). The inaugural the event was attended by state, municipal and school authorities, many researchers, teachers and students from different Universities of the region.
In the Forum researchers and student researchers from different Institutions presented their work on different areas, viz., Environment, Water and Climate Change, Population and Gender Equality, Health, Education, Food and Sustainable Agriculture, Technological Innovation and Renewable Energy.
To start the forum, Dr. Nagamani Balagurusamy of School of Biological Sciences of Autonomous University of Coahuila gave a keynote address on Microbial Biodiversity and its Importance on Sustainability of the planet. Dr. Francisco Valdés Pérezgasga of the Technological Institute of La Laguna talked about Water and Climate Change. MC Ma. Del Socorro Linaje Treviño of Autonomous University of Coahuila talked on a project on emission of greenhouse gases in comarca lagunera and mitigation strategies. Dr. Norma de la Fuente Salcido spoke on the Synthesis and Activity of bacteriocins of B. thuringiensis. MC Maria Cristina Cueto Wong spoke on the Control of Plant Pathogens using Natural Products and MC Maria de Lourdes Froto Madariaga spoke on Food safety.
On the second day of the Forum, Dr. KC Das of University of Georgia, Athens, USA gave an interesting keynote on Renewable Energy Production. Second day of the forum was dedicated for research carried out by students from different Institutions. Aldo Robles Almeida addressed the Potential of desert plants for the production of renewable energy; Alejandra Alvarado Rodríguez presented her results on the Evaluation of the of a by-product of Biodiesel in Anaerobic Digestion, José de Jesús Morales focused on the Production of Bioethanol, Ilse Novoa de León with talked on Biosynthesis of Polymers; Claudia Obregón and Juan de la Cruz spoke on the Effect of Volatile Fatty Acids as a Fungicide; Nayeli Ortiz reported her work related to molecular biology of stress in plants, among many others.
In addition, several students also presented posters. Obed Pérez Santos, Alan Javier Quezada, Jennifer Elizarrarás, Oscar Espino, among others presented results of their projects. Students and researchers had an opportunity to share their ideas and open their perspectives on research. Events like this are an opportunity for young to develop their interest and passion for research and to join the world of science progress, and strengthen the research in Mexico.

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