Monday, April 25, 2011

Continuing PhD

Today in Nature, a good article came out to continue our discussion.

Many points are discussed, along with the different problems and perspectives of a growing supply of PhDs.

What i can deduce from this article, is that an ever-growing PhD supply is not a problem in a country whose industry and academia increase exponentially, such is the case for China. India is even described as lacking PhDs in accordance to its growth, with only 1% of undergraduates continuing up to Doctorate studies.
It seems that developed countries are the only ones who face this over supply of doctorates. Therefore germany has shifted the concept of PhD to be a training degree. However i agree with the statement of Dr. Ng "I see a PhD not just as the mastery of a discipline, but also training of the mind,".

Another noticible fact is that the goverments and private sectors play with the decision of increasing and decreasing PhDs as if it was a game.

I was surprised by some quantities... I didn't know that one third of PhDs in the USA never finish at all.

Well lets see how this discussion goes... on a side note that is not related to this i leave you a song that i just heard and really liked

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Emilio Nafarrate Rivera said...

I've to accept that I'm not a Calle Tlece fan, but I really like the song.

I'm mostly agree whit you dear Aldo, but I think that government and industry have to see all the graduates, PhD's, and post-Doc's like an option to integrate them into their organizations, let's see how many Mexican's Ministers (Secretaries) have a PhD, or how many PhD are working in the industry? I'm sure that many R&D departments could resolve many problems if they have access to the knowledge of a PhD.