Sunday, October 23, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - Environment & Science

How many times we haven't complained about the "injustices of the world"? how many times we haven't done anything to improve "these" things we do not like about society, life, & the world itself? All these questions came to my mind to see the latest PhD Comics, which is added to this post; removing the background of humor to the academia and students which characterizes this comic, for the second or third time... I began to think seriously about the phenomenon of the INDIGNANTS in Spain, NY, and now all over the world (Rome, Greece, Paris, to name the most "outrageous"). Definitely something is very wrong with the economic system that prevails in the world (finally I accept it), and is not that the other "ism's" (socialism, communism, communism in the XXI century, etc) have the reason.

Is this the beginning of the end of capitalism? What's next? In my very limited understanding of the global economy, it seems that a group of protesters in Battery Park or the Plaza del Sol would not shake the global economic system, but... hey!!!! Revolutions start with small & blinking sparks of ideologies that join towns and even the entire world to their philosophy, just ask Marie Antoinette, if she ever realize how the revolution that behead her, change the destiny of the World, if French Revolution had not detonated when it did, America would be very different from what it's today.

Let me hear what you think about all these changes in the World: Occupy Movements, World "Peace" (Gadaffi's dead, ETA's surrender, Iraq end of war, Mexico's drug war, etc)... this is the World that we are living, so like our Environment this will affect us (we are Microbiologist we know about this), in a personal & professional way... if we think that we work in a hard environment... pls read the Monod's Nobel Lecture... I was shocked when I realize that .. HE WAS WORKING ON BACTERIAL GROWTH DURING THE NAZI OCCUPATION OF FRANCE ... ¬¬ and we complain 'cause we work on Sunday¡¡¡ <--- speechless

So, please, let us (Biorem Lab) know what u think about our "today" environment and how this could or could not affect our relation with Science & Research.

Have a nice Sunday¡¡¡

Aldo, I miss our discussions a lot, I hope we can keep it hereby. & Happy BDay again¡¡¡

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naga said...

i am glad to see this post from emilio for a new discussion. of course v miss aldo. there is no doubt. but physical presence is not a need for a fruitful discussion.