Sunday, February 26, 2012

Extending horizons with in Mexico

Lorena Palacio Molina (second on left hand side of Dr. Oropeza in photo) left yesterday (25th Feb., 2012) evening to Instituto de Biotecnologia, Cuernavaca, Morelos to carry out part of her thesis work with Dr. Ricardo Oropeza (in blue t-shirt at Centre of the photo), a distinguished alumini and a good friend of our Facultad, hopefully soon officially :-). She will be working on "mcrA gene of methanogens and its relevance in monitoring anaerobic biodigestors" until August, 2012 with Dr. Oropeza. We thank Dr. Oropeza for this collaboration and for accepting Lorena at his lab. We hope that this stay helps her to learn and look for more such learnings in her future.
Our best wishes to Lorena for a happy and productive stay at IBT.

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Alejandra said...

Bien dicho. Mucha suerte Lore!