Wednesday, July 11, 2012

non-existing persons


please read the following article of many of our fellow human beings, who do not exist for any governments of the world



Emilio Nafarrate Rivera said...

I'm scared about the comments of this article, pls read it too...

Alejandra Alvarado said...

I know, is even worst to read the comments of these people saying they love to see illegal immigrants "having a hard time".

Aldo Almeida said...

Well i don't justify the hatred of the comments, it is extreme.
However we should not be distracted by that, this reflects the extreme lack of developing of the Mexican Government and our brethren. Just as hatred is not justifiable neither is such level of ... i don't know the noun, is it ignorance? or irresponsibility? seeing the government as the bad guy it would be "unattendance"... I guess instead of the goverment investing so much in politic campaign or the surveys that tell who is in front in elections, we should facilitate and inform of the certification or registry of our citizens. Every citizen is a potential work force or bad guy, so having registry helps in keeping track of this, it would even be more votes hehehehe.
The hate they show in the comments is understandable but not justifiable, there's no sense in having such hate. I guess U.S. citizens feel as if complete strangers come into your house without previously asking you if they can crush with you, y supongo que como dicen "el muerto y el arrimado a los 3 dias apestan".
There is so much other points of view that i've been seeing and hearing from both parties. Is such a complex issue, it would be perfect to debate don't you guys think?? so far only Ale has accepted

See you then.

Emilio Nafarrate Rivera said...

First... I replied too, but in the BLOG, jejejejeje, sometimes I feel we must drive this kind of "debates" via blog, instead of mail, in order to keep recording all these conversations. I'm IN about the skype-debate.

Second... Mexican government is far lack of development, in fact, I think this is only for PUBLICITY PURPOSE. Like Aldo said, is understandable but not justifiable this kind of comments against illegal aliens. At first sight, I'm even against Mexican government helping illegal immigrants in US, 'cause is my taxes money, but, going deeper in this issue, only these people know the hard time they have in Mexico, the violence, the famine, discrimination in your own country... that let them take the decision to leave Mexico and take the risk to enter like illegal aliens in US. In the other hand, "remesas" from US represent in some cases up to 10% of PIB of some Mexican states... that's a LOT of money. Mexican government is not stupid, instead of generate opportunities for all Mexicans, they take advantage from US needs... they need drugs, they need cheap labor, they need landfills... Mexico can supply it.

There's a lot of complains about what US does with immigrants, but how do we do something for change this situation? and more important how do we treat our illegal aliens in Mexico?