Sunday, May 5, 2013

Congrats Arge & Salvador

Congratulations to Arge & Salvador. Two more Grads from our lab. Both of them successfully defended their thesis with honors on 3rd May, 2013. It was nice to see their presentations & the spirit with which they defended their work to the queries of the examiners and those of the public.

Full credit for the good work of Salvador is due to the guidance and untiring efforts of Dra. Norma Margarita de la Fuente Salcido, Professor of our school as Director of his thesis. Congratulations from our lab to her and to Dr. Jose Eleazar Barboza-Corona, Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico, Co-Director of Salvador's thesis. Well done Salvador, you are a part of us & our lab.

In the case of Arge, our thanks are due to Dr. David Huber, Professor, Department of Biology, West Virginia State University, Institute, WV, USA for his guidance as one of the Directors and his unconditional support to Arge in her thesis work and to our lab in general. The credit of Arge's work goes to him & with deep sense of gratitude we are happy to extend our warm congratulations to Dr. Huber. Excellent work & Well done Arge.
PS: Sorry for the delay in posting this happy news, which is due to the difficulty in getting a photo of Salvador on his D-day.


Alejandra said...

Congratulations Chava and Arge!!! Muchas felicidades!! :-)

Inty said...

Excelente trabajo de los dos. Muchas Felicidades Arge & Chava