Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"The theory of everything", An amazing reality

What do you know about the genius Sthephen Hawking? Very little is understood about Hawking in America or Canada,” says Anthony McCarten, the film’s screenwriter. “Nine of 10 people think he’s American. Most people think he was born disabled. They don’t know he was married and has three kids. There’s a lot of news to break with this film.”
The theory of everything is a movie based in the book of his ex wife travelling to infinitive: my life with Stephen.
In this story is showed not just when he falls in love, there is also something of his terriblee disease, and his most amazing accoplishments. 
McCarrten, promises the movie is an excellent work, and says that when Hawking saw the completed film for the first time, he was crying.
If we want to learn more, we can begin to consider go to watch it!

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naga said...

please read "brief history of time" too. looking forward to see this movie