Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A memorandum of understanding between West Virginia State University and Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila

On January 19th, our school had the honor of the visit of Dr. Brian Hemphill, President of West Virginia State University with his wife Dr. Marisela Rosas Hemphill, MC. Katherine McCarthy,  Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs and Dr. José Ulises Toledo, Managing Director of Research and Public Service. WVSU team along with M.C. Maria de Lourdes Froto Madariaga, Director of our school interacted with students of our school in an event organised by the school administration. They presented the objectives as well as the benefits of the agreement to be signed between UAdeC and WVSU.

Later in the evening the agreement was signed by Lic. Jose Blas Dávila Flores, Rector of our University and Dr. Brian Hemphill, President of WVSU in the presence of University officials, Faculty, Student representatives and students our school.

This agreement will offer a lot of opportunities to both students and faculty of both universities such as exchange visits, International mobility for students, research stays that can lead to research publications contributing to scientific knowledge.

We, the students appreciate the effort of both Universities to offer us a good formation and hope we make good use of this opportunity.
Dr. Brian O. Hemphill, President of WVSU, the first lady and
few past and present students of Bioremediation Lab.

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