Sunday, April 12, 2015

Reaction map suggest meteorite chemistry route to life.
The scientists believe their reaction network could explain the rapid emergence of many different chemicals needed for life.

UK chemist showed a network chain reaction that could explain the rapid emergence of life, but it could be wrong and right in a certain way. The mapped reactions produces 3 sugars, amino acids, ribonucleotides and glycerol. These substances form part of proteins, and could  become ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecules. The map shows how these products were form on Earth's surface with just hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide and ultraviolet light from the sun. 

This model gain insight because tries to answer where the RNA molecules were from, and that's for the content of the meteorite that crashed on the Earth, that contents that reacted with the nitrogen on the atmosphere, creating cyanide, indispensable for the model, also the meteorite contents iron sulfide. 

Under this condition, it can produce 11 types of amino acids, glycerol, also synthetised molecules cytidine and uridin ribonucleotides and small sugars. This condition yielded 60%-70% of the products while in the experiment of Miller origins of life experiments that zapped electricity through a mixture of methane, ammonia, hydrogen and water only produced 1% of the products.

This method was carried out by adding one substrate after another instead of mixing them all. This would done with a slope formed for the water in the layers of the Earth, carrying the substrates on streams and pools. But this was geological improbable because it needs high concentrations of cyanide but there isn't proof to back up this idea (yet).

This teach us that with an open mind, knowledge and logic you could assemble great and innovative ideas.

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