Friday, March 7, 2008

Agricultural & Applied Economics

Well, we hope ya'll have a nice weekend!

We met on 27th of February, Dr Forrest E. Steglin and Dr. Jack E. Houston, Jr. From the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences.

They talked about other TIES Programs with Mexican participants, although they are not related with engineering, but with education; These Drs. are some of our TIES Program Partners, giving us a view of how to apply economics in our reaserch.

Engineering kind of view:

"I Can Do That!"

Economist kind of view:

"Yes, You Can Do It, but How Much Is Going To Cost?"

One thing that they told us, to get started is:

Flow Charts

There the Economist can apply economics easily. So one advice is to keep our work organized from the beginning.

Another good thing about knowing the economic analysis is:

"Knowing the economics, then you will know where to spend in new research".

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