Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hi Bioremediation mates

Hi Bioremediation Friends !!
How are u all doing? I hope that with a lot of work :)
Here we have a lot of things to do too, we are trying to get the GC started, we have already ordered the Porapak Q column for the mesurement of Methane, CO2, Nitrogen and other gases that can be found in the biogas. We are testing the HayeSep C column that can be used for the CO2 measurement only to find out whether GC is working well. I hope that tomorrow we can get that done. I'm waiting for some strains for the biological pretreatment of the poultry litter, to remove the Nitrogen that acumulates on a dry condition (total solids from 10% to 30%).
Well that was just a little bit of what im doing right now. Let us know what are you all doing too...and if there's anything that we could help you...just let us know!!

Lets keep on going, this is only the beginning!!
Hugs and Kisses

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