Monday, October 13, 2008

Great participation on the First Meeting of Students for Science Expression

Aimed on encourage the expression of scientific research done by students on areas of Natural Science at the Universidad Autònoma de Coahuila, its going to take place  the First Meeting of Students for Sciene Expression

Thanks to the interest of the students of this university, we have received 30 presentations, 12 posters and 15 experiments designs to present on October 16 & 17.

Marco Antonio Taméz Ceballos, coordinator of Saltillo Campus said imagethat the participants comes from the high schools on Saltillo Campus, as well as from faculties of Dentistry, Medicine,  Nursery, Psychology, Physic-Mathematics Science, Chemical Science,Social work and from the School of Biological Science from Torreòn.


The coordinator highlighted that the woks are original and un published, and were evaluated for a committee on each school or faculty participating.

The publication of the works will be on the magazine of this university "CienciaAcierta" of the General Coordination of Graduate School and Research.

This event is arranged by the direction of academics affairs, the General Coordination of Graduate School and Research on Saltillo Campus and Outreach, and the academy of Natural Science.

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Cheve said...

The important thing is to decide ourselves to show what we are doing and we're going to get better and better