Wednesday, October 8, 2008

AbOuT BaToPiLas CoAhUiLA!!!

I spent this evening looking for the location of Batopilas, and at the end of the day I realized that I've always knew it. But well, that's not the important thing about  I wanna talk. What really matters is why I feel very interested about Batopilas.

So this is the happy story :)

Batopilas is a little town located in Francisco I. Madero in Coahuila. This is the first farming community in Mexico to develop energy from cow manure. This is possible by anaerobic digestion of cow manure through biodigesters. An engine burns methane and release CO2 and the energy is transformed in to electricity for the community. There is less negative impact to environment due to this effort by this community.

Because of this technology Batopilas habitants have saved 94 000 pesos on CFE bill!!!. Other advantages are potential production of organic fertilizers and clean water.

I found this very interesting because it is related with we are doing. I also think we must take a venture and go on excursion as sooner as we can to Batopilas in order to get a full idea about how this little town works.

So now I wonder what could happen if every house in Torreon have adapted a biodigestor? mmm interesting.... :)

We must feel proud for having these witty minds in Coahuila, which are trying to implement sustainable development strategies in our region. We also can accomplish many things by collaborating in the struggle to have a better world.

HaVe a Happy Week !!!!

This is the exact location of Batopilas.. we don´t need to search more :)


Arge said...

Prof! Thanks for the revision!!

naga said...

thanx for the info arge. we will plan a visit to know more about it

Ulises Triana said...

Arge, thanks for the input! ! !
i want to say a couple of things:
1st. lets plan the trip to batopilas!!!!
2nd. i like the idea you put there, about what would it be, if every house in torreón would have that system; i like to think not in large scale technology, but small and more dispersed all over the world, in every house or industry. Im talking about technology for manage the wastes to produce energy.

chrismaynard said...

hey this info is very interesting!!!
we tried to find this place for months, but we didn't..
we made a few calls and nobody knows anything about this place!!!
hope we can make a second visit when we return to Torreon!!
see u soon!!!