Monday, December 1, 2008

Just a small step to become engineers

Last week we celebrate our traditional "quema de batas" or "burn of robe" every year the school of biological sciences makes this big party in honor of the students graduating . It was a lot of fun breaking the piñata, burning the robe, dancing and singing with mariachis. I think we all should feel proud of our school, and realize all the knowledge that we gain. Thanks to all our profesors, our classmates and friends. Now we are about to get into the real world .. lets keep the hard work. Congratulations to Susan, Lucy, and Cheve that are graduating this december, and to my other classmates..we made it guys !!


naga said...

Congratulations. Best wishes to all of you for a bright future

sarilog said...

You are right Natalia!!
Now its time to face real world.
I remeber thinking when I was kid that after finishing school everything was going to be very easy. But finishing school is when life starts.
Keep up your effort!! That is the only way for reaching high.

Cheve said...

fire fire!!!