Monday, October 11, 2010

And the winner is... the mankind !!!

Nobel prizes represent the top of the best in sciences, literature and for the peace "makers", since 1901 the Nobel Prize has been awarded for achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine or physiology, literature and for peace, and since 1969 in economic sciences. This international award is administered by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden.

Last week the Nobel prizes 5 nobel prizes were announced, and yesterday the economic scinces was the last in be laureated...

The father of the test tube babies, Robert G. Edwards was laureated whit the Nobel Prize in MEDICINE for the development of the in vitro fertilization procedures.

Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov won the Nobel Prize in PHYSICS for the isolation of Graphene a super-strong and highly conductive material abel to reveal new secrets of fundamental physics.

Richard F. Heck, Ei-ichi Negishi and Akira Suzuki share the Nobel Prize in CHEMISTRY for developing new, more efficient ways of linking carbon atoms together to build the complex molecules that are improving our everyday lives.

Peruvian by birth, but citizen of the world by conviction, Mario Vargas Llosa, the Nobel Prize Laureated in LITERATURE embraces multiple genres (novel, plays, essays), and politics too, in his commitment to social change.

Among the many people campaigning for the human rights in China, Liu Xiaobo, the 2010 Nobel PEACE Prize Laureated has become the most visible symbol of the struggle for the freedom in that comunist country, in fact, breaking news inform about the detention of Xiaobo's wife after her visit to the Nobel Prize Laureated in jail, he is currently serving a 11-years prison term.

As a reflection exercise we must remember that the legacy of all the Laureated is a gift to the mandkind, that must be used for the common well of all ths citizens of the World.

If you were able to choice one Nobel Prize award for someone in any area, Who will be your Laureated and why? I think that I know just the Alejandra's answer: Craig Venter for Human Genetic Code or Synthetic Cell, am I right Ale???


Alejandra said...

SIII!!!! Venter and Lartigue and Gibson... :D why coautors don't share novel price??!!
cheers (Y)

naga said...

winning a nobel prize is a big thing, whether it is for science, literature, economics or peace. while v appreciate the winners, should also remember many who equally have contributed in all walks of life. remember, mahatma gandhi never won a nobel prize for peace. i am not against winners. as a world citizen, v should honor those who never got recognized by doing good work and not work for prizes.

Aldin said...

Some nobel prizes, are impressive =)while others not so much.
I think the nobel lauretes are a clear example of our biological heritage, we as humans need ceremonies to live in massive societies.
I had not thought of the criteria to give a nobel prize. I guess i would give to the one who discovers the origin of life, i don't have a favorite scientist right now :(
Emilio you didn't say who you would give it to.