Thursday, December 6, 2007

Visit to Granja Eucaliptos

We visited another farm, Granja Eucaliptos on 5th Dicember, 2007. The owner of this farm, Mr. José Luis Padilla Martínez is the President of the association of milk producers in Gómez Palacio, Durango. We hade a good discussion with him on the status of waste management in the cattle farms and poultry located in Gómez. They are in the process of installing a biodigester and are having some valid doubts before they go for operation.

We recorded all the info regarding the status of the livestock waste management in Gómez. We made an apointment with owner to return again on 12th Dicember to meet and discuss with one expert from USA to advice some farmers in Gómez, about the construction of the biodigester.

We thank Ulises, who made arrangements for this trip and we also really appreciate Mr. José Luis Padilla Martínez for welcoming us with open arms and for his frank, useful comments and discussion.

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Anonymous said...

La visita fue muy informativa. Ojala aprendamos mas el dia 12 de Diciembre