Sunday, December 9, 2007

Choose a logo!!!

Few designs of a logo for our group is posted here and selected logo will be linked in our school web page to represent our group. Cast your vote so that we can select one of the designs.

All the 4 logos were designed by Gerardo (volarentum). Very nice work Gerardo, we really appreciate.

If anyone else has a logo, don't hesitate to post it.


Anonymous said...

Megusto el segundo y el cuarto diseño.

Natalia said...

i like the first logo


good luck

Jacobo Hermosillo said...

Me quedo con el segundo. No se hable mas.

Anonymous said...

u know our Big Brother, Prof.Dr.B.Nagamani(your professor) sent me this blog...its really worth reading..very essential blog to develop. keep it up.
i liked the FOURTH one,its very dynamic,attractive and shows the importance of our Globe..good luck-yours,shankaR