Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Visit to Granja San Jose

We Visited the Farm San Jose located on the freeway to San Pedro on 4th Dicember, 2007. A place far away, a complicated visit, but we made it.

There we meet the owner of the farm, who explained us the functioning of the biodigester. They have been using it for 7 months now. They have around 1300 cows for milk production, which produce around 15-20 ton of dung every day.

Components of the system:
  • All water used in the farm goes to a lagoon along with the wastes.
  • Then in a series of tanks, water is separated from solids.
  • Finally the water is fed to the biodigester, designed like a lagoon.
  • Gas produced is collected, measured and burnt for carbon credits.

While going, one of our cars was showing little problem and while returning, tank was nearly empty of gasoline, but fortunately we solved these hiccups and had a informative trip.
Thanks to Jacobo, who arranged this trip. We also like to record our thanks to the owner of the ranch for receiving us.

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Aprendi el motivo y los problemas de los granjeros para instalar biodigestores