Saturday, April 12, 2008


hello everybody
I traveled to Charleston, West Virginia during the first week of April to participate in a workshop on "Microarrays".
Microarrays help us to study the interaction between genes and the control cell using a software, which can identify the hibridization with the cDNA which have a fluorescent marker that indicate which genes are turned on or turn off. The applications of microarrays are: gene expression studies, microorganisms identification, DNA firgerprint barcoding.
In the workshop i learnt this technique. Lot of advances continue to take place every day on this technology and help us to use it in differents areas like genomics, biomedicals, biotechnology and others.

Friends, it is so important that we continue taking these oportunities and face it. In my case, it was complete a new experience and i have good memories about it. I met new people and learned much about each one.

Thanks to Ciencias Biologicas UA de C and West Virginia State University for giving me this opportunity and Dr Nagamani for trust in me...
Lucy Tello

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Ulises Triana said...

Thanks for posting your experience here Lucy !, im sure you had fun!
and of course, none of this could happend without Dr. Nagamani. Thanks!!!