Monday, January 5, 2009

Bon Voyage

Argelia and Jesus Emmanuel has left Torreon today for their 5 months training at Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Driftmier Centre, Univeristy of Georgia, Athens, USA under USAID-HED Ties phase III project. Dr. K.C. Das will be guiding their work at UGA. In addition, Argelia will be trained in the lab of Dr. Whitman on molecular microbial analysis. Our thanks to both Professors, Dr. Senthil, Ms. Marie Claire and other faculty members who will be extending their support and help to both of them during their stay at UGA. Our best wishes to Argelia and Jesus Emmanuel for a happy and purpose stay at UGA.


Natalia said...
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Natalia said...

Argelia and Emmanuel the best wishes on your training, enjoy every minute there its a great place to be! If u guys need something just tell me.
Have fun and take care. Emmanuel you know the rest.
Hugs y Kisses

Arge said...

But I don´t know the rest Natalia

Natalia said...

I love you so much Emmanuel