Friday, January 9, 2009

More than wildlife in Okeefenokee Swamp

Hello guys!!! This was our first week here in Athens, and this place is just woooow, (of course many of you already knew it)  we were very luck 'cause the next day of our arrival we visit the Okefenokee swamp, to take some samples,  it sounds like a spelling challenge but actually this place concern us a lot. Let´s make a little trip to Okefenokee Swamp!! 


Okefenokee is a fascinating place that is also called " Land of Tremblig earth" and it is located on the southeast of Georgia ( 6 hours from Athens) . Okefenokee is well known because of it's peat batteries, they are a kind of floating mud that are formed as a result of methanogenesis. The methane production is the responsible of bubble formation , so this bubbles can enter to the peat or mud providing it with a bouyanci motive, then when the mud buoyancy is big enough the peat rises and sometimes sink again that’s the reason why is called trembling earth ´cause the nature of the mud bed is not well consolidated.


gas generation by methanogens in anoxic peats is responsible for the initial stages in the formation of swamp habitats. The interesting thing is that the water pH is 4, so these organisms are acid tolerants. Very interesting, everyday we can discover new life diversities in unexpected places.

well  eso es todo amigoooos!!!!

Let´s start 2009  working


naga said...

find out more about peat and its use or application. u will know more interesting things.

sarilog said...

cheve you are the biggest builder of our blog!!! thank you so much!!!
Nice post!!

Cheve said...

jaja actually it was posted by Argelia, THANK YOU ARGELIA!

sarilog said...

I am sorry!! My mind played a trck with me ... anyway credits for both ... cheve and argelia!!!