Tuesday, October 13, 2009

World unknown to us: Youngest Headmaster of the World

Outside there is a world unknown to us. Following is the brief summary of a news item that came out in British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) yesterday.
"Around the world millions of children are not getting a proper education because their families are too poor to afford to send them to school. In India, one 16 year old schoolboy is trying to change that. In the first report in the BBC's Hunger to Learn series, Damian Grammaticas meets Babar Ali, whose remarkable education project is transforming the lives of hundreds of poor children".
See the video and

Please read the full article before reading further. One of the comments in the BBC page
"This article is like a cold shower that woke me up. my parents pay thousands of euros to my uni every year to give me an education. Realising that with the same amount of money all these children could much easily get education hurts. It hurts realising i have the chance and the means to learn, but I'm even complaining for having "too much to study". To see i have Facebook open instead of a book. We do need articles like this, we do need to wake up"- Melisa, Rome

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Aldin said...

seeing the effects that the human will can have, now i can't back out on my little task to do a little itsy, bitsy experiment in a few weeks.
I'm not going to stop talking, but it's time i put acts into my life, sometimes i can't complete things do to some problems but it has to stop being an excuse. this article boosts your determination.