Friday, October 2, 2009

Nationality-DNA Testing?

I am a dreamer, but reality is making me to keep my eyes and mind open!!!

Following article appears in the recent issue of Science dated 2nd October, 2009. In brief:

"The existence of a DNA-based program to identify nationality was revealed in late September... The plan is to look for ratios of certain isotopes in tissue that could be matched to ratios in the environment where a person was born or grew up. The idea is to use DNA and isotope analysis of tissue from asylum-seekers to evaluate their nationality and help decide who can enter the United Kingdom..... If the pilot project is successful, the Border Agency suggests that it could be extended".

Read the full article at

I leave it to your discussion/interpretation & conclusion


Arge said...

nooo way!!!!! so interesting!!!!!!!!!!!

Emmanuel Chavarría said...

mmm scientifically bright but in my opinion it's not good such as distinguishing qualities.

Alejandra Alvarado said...

I could not read all the article, but i think there are many negative implications in the idea of differentiating people by their dna.