Saturday, January 28, 2012

Milenio articles about BioremLab

This week our Lab has an interview with Milenio (Milenio Group) journalists, where we explain the latest projects which are being developed on Biorem Lab:

Estudiantes trabajan energía renovable

UA de C investiga energías alternativas

These are the first two articles of our group in the year, even this do not reflect the Lab productivity, this kind of articles help us to publicize the work that we are doing. 

I let u a list of previous articles about our group, about the work done by our friends Cheve, Natalia, Arge, Sarahí, Ale, Aldo, just for quote some of them:

University of Georgia and Mexican Universities focus on production of Biofuels in the agricultural sector.  (June, 2008)

Estudian las propiedades energéticas del Metano. (November 2008)

Buscan nuevos métodos para producir biogas. (November 2008)

Intercambio académico estudiantil en la UA de C. (January 2009)

Estudios sobre metano avanzan en Biológicas. (June 2009)

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