Friday, January 20, 2012

Research Stay

IBQ. Argelia Cervantes Ovalle, Master's student of our lab left today to Charleston, WV, USA to carry out part of her thesis work for six months at the laboratory of Dr. David  Huber, Professor, Department of Biology, West Virginia State University, Institute, USA. 

Our thanks to Dr. David Huber for accepting Argelia at his lab and for all his help in making her research stay possible.

Our best wishes to Argelia for a fruitful and productive stay in terms of learning and research with Dr. David Huber and hope her efforts will strengthen collaboration between our labs.


Emilio Nafarrate Rivera said...

Decir adios siempre es dificil, aunque sabemos que este es un HASTA LUEGO. Arge te deseamos lo mejor, espero que aprendas mucho y que esta estancia te ayude a desarrollarte el lo personal y académico, recuerda que todo lo que hacemos hace que el Lab siga creciendo. Cuidate y saludame al Aldin, Cheve y Natalia.

Alejandra said...

Animo ARGELIA!!!