Friday, January 27, 2012

Talk with Diego Alberto Dévora Canales

Last Friday, we were lucky to have the chance of talk with Diego Alejandro, a former student of Biological Sciences (Class of 2008). His talk was very interesting. He explained us how he entered in the post-graduate program of CINVESTAV, Monterrey and explained his thesis project. It is an interesting multidisciplinary work.


His talk was really interesting. He explained how he study the motility of Trypanosoma cruzi and identify its relation to other known movements such as Brownian Motion and the Levy's Flight. His thesis work is related to one of your topics we discussed in March edition of BioSciences. For those who have forgotten, can consult the article about Chagas disease, entitled: Un mal que parece olvidado, la enfermedad de Chagas.

I do not even imagine that birds use mathematics to find food!!!

Diego's emails:

And... if you get lost in the woods... now you know how to survive:

Levy Flight (you will survive)                


        Brownian Motion (sorry for you)

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